Shipping of your order is done via PEP Stores’ PAXI parcel service or The Courier Guy for door-to-door deliveries. Paxi is a drop and collect service where a courier transports your parcel and drops it off at the PEP branch of your choice, from where you collect it.


You MUST provide a destination Pep when choosing this service, otherwise I cannot send your parcel. No Paxi parcel is sent until destination is confirmed by the buyer.

Find your Paxi point here


I have now sent hundreds of parcels with Paxi and lost only one due to a “security incident” (I assume hijacking or robbery) shortly after they launched the service in May 2018. Since then a few hiccups, but no more than with any other courier service and no further parcel losses.



R65 flat fee for the 7 – 9 work days economic option (STANDARD bag). A standard bag can take up to 10 paperback sized books, but only about 4 large hardcovers once packaging is added. As it is difficult to judge exactly how many books fit into a bag I may request extra shipping from you should a large bag prove necessary.

R105 flat fee for the 7 – 9 work days economic option (LARGE bag). A large bag can take up to 20 paperback sized books, but has a weight limit of 10kg.

For R105 (small or large bag) you can use the Paxi 3 – 5 day service with RAM Couriers transporting your parcel, which typically delivers the parcel to any PEP in the country within 3 work days of collection. Please allow up to 5 work days to certain areas. The R100 covers both the small and large bag express option.

The Process:

  • Find the node number (Pxxxx) of your most convenient PEP branch and send it to me with your proof of payment (you can also include it in the address on your account so that it is on record)
  • I drop the parcel at my local PEP and provide you with your parcel (tracking) number. Paxi will now also sms the details to you.
  • You can track the parcel’s progress on Paxi’s website
  • Once the parcel arrives Paxi sends both you and I a collection PIN by sms. If you don’t receive yours, I can provide it.
  • Only go to PEP to collect the parcel once you have the collection PIN


The Courier Guy: If you prefer door-to-door delivery, we can use The Courier Guy at R110 for a parcel up to 5kg, R170 for 5-15kg. I will need your physical address, phone number and day and time of day (preferably in a frame of 5-8 hours) that will be best for the delivery.

International Shipping: I don’t ship internationally.