Sell Your Books To Me

Yes, I buy good quality second hand books, often offering far better prices than you’ll get at most book exchanges or second hand bookstores. I am very selective though and will only purchase books that I have a realistic chance of reselling at a profit. Due to courier costs having to be factored in you’ll need to have at least 10 viable books for me to buy – the more the better.


  • Contemporary Afrikaans Fiction
  • Military Non-Fiction (especially Anglo-Boer and Border War)
  • Historical/Political Non-Fiction
  • Africana Non-Fiction
  • And most books that have resell value and are still in good condition. I have enough sources for English fiction at present though.


  • Books that are filthy, falling apart, have moisture damage, etc.
  • Old Afrikaans fiction books
  • Old English fiction books
  • Textbooks
  • Outdated books


  • Send me an email at with photos of the books you have to sell.
  • I make an offer, you either accept or counter
  • I send a courier to collect the books, or you can send them yourself (I pay all shipping fees, of course)
  • Once I receive the goods in good order I’ll pay you. If you show yourself to be reliable and trustworthy, payment can in future be done upfront, but for at least the first deal between us I will only pay for the books once I receive them. I am a 100% reliable buyer and will point you towards public proof of that once we start dealing with each other.
  • If you insist on being paid upfront initially I will need your phone number, a copy of your ID and a link to your Facebook profile to make sure you are a real, contactable person that can be held accountable. If I feel, for any reason, that there is a risk in paying you upfront then no deal. Don’t take it personally.