War at Sea – CJ Harris


Condition: Very good
Format: Hardcover with DJ
Published: 1991(Ashanti)
Pages: 356
ISBN: 9781874800163

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War at Sea – CJ Harris (South Africans at War #5)
South African Maritime Operations during World War II

There is perhaps no more stirring tale of men that that of battles at sea. There man is at the mercy not only of the enemy and the chances of warfare, but also of the oceans.

In this largely anecdotal narrative that documents the tragic aspects, the amusing incidents peculiar to time of war; and the inspiring courage of South African naval personnel in the Second World War, Captain DJ Harris skillfully recreates the remarkable account of the war at sea.

Here is a history not only of naval engagements but also of the sea itself, the men and women a war, and the ships that they sailed and fought in.




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