Vision for a Warrior – At Spies


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Format: Large softcover
Published: 2012 (Real Dream Publishing)
Pages: 442
ISBN: 9781920575052

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Vision for a Warrior – At Spies

KJ (Klein Jan) Venter is a young boy, barely into his teens, when the Anglo-Boer War breaks out in his homeland of South Africa. His father and grandfather are drawn into the war against the invading English, but he is deemed far too young to fight. All of that changes when British soldiers, following a policy of scorched earth, burn down their family farm and condemn his mother, grandmother, and his young siblings to the concentration camp in Bloemfontein. Unexpectedly thrust into the war, KJ joins his father and grandfather on commando, where he experience both tragedy and triumph, and learns about the brutality of war.

Meanwhile, Oom Jan, KJ’s grandfather, receives the Vision from the Seer, one of his Boer comrades. The Vision is a prophecy that places a burden on KJ. He is to prepare the way for his descendents, who must guide a group selected from all corners of the globe, into the distant future. The Vision, however, warns that until such time that KJ reaches the age of twenty one, the knowledge should be kept from him.

With the war over, KJ, still in his teens, accompanies a few friends on a hunting safari into the untamed interior of Africa. A hunt for a rogue elephant turns out to be so much more than they expected. Just before the hunt starts, the mysterious name of a young woman called Mary Jane unexplainably enters into KJ’s subconscious. He dreams about this girl, but also sees an old woman with a feather in her hair. Not long after dreaming about the mysterious girl, KJ is badly injured in an encounter with the rogue elephant they were hunting That is when he first encounters the presence of other guardian angels, the most tangible one in the shape of a bald eagle.

KJ returns from the safari and later leaves South Africa to study in Holland. A long lost grandfather from his mother’s side had arranged a study grant in Amsterdam. He studies engineering, but after having read about the exploits of two American brothers, his real ideal is to one day become a pilot and to soar with the eagles. KJ reaches his majority in Holland and, in a letter from his South African grandfather, learns about his legacy and about the Vision. The outbreak of World War One sees KJ, already having fulfilled his dream to become a pilot, join the fledgling Royal Flying Corps.

His other dream—meeting the mysterious girl, Mary Jane, has not yet come to pass, but what he doesn’t realize is that his path, and that of Mary Jane, are soon to cross on the bloody plains of the Somme. Their meeting was prophesied by the old Seer, as was his meeting with the German ace, Manfred von Richthofen. Their aerial encounter will set in motion the events necessary for KJ and Mary Jane to meet, and for them to fulfill, their role as was foreseen in the Vision.


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