The Sea Wolf – Jack London


Condition: Very Good
Format: Hardcover without dust jacket
Published: 1993 (Reader’s Digest)
Pages: 303

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The Sea Wolf – Jack London

London’s classic 1904 novel offers epic sea drama and psychological shenanigans between its characters, mainly the head-butting between the protagonist Humphrey and the brutal Capt. Larsen.

After a being rescued by Capt. Larsen’s seal hunting schooner from the sea in the wake of a ferryboat accident, Humphrey joins the crew of the schooner and has to learn to contend with deviousness among the crew members and also has to try to stand up to the forceful personality of the schooner’s Captain Wolf Larsen.

The book expertly explores themes like ambition, courage and the will to survive, as it tracks the crew of the schooner on an epic sea voyage.


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