The Plunderers – Jan Breytenbach


Condition: Fair. Edge wear. Flyleaf removed.
Format: Large softcover
Published: 2001 (Covos Day)
Pages: 322
ISBN: 9781919874012

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The Plunderers – Jan Breytenbach

‘A young cow sank down on her front legs and rolled over, spurting gallons of blood through her trunk. Her calf at her side tried desperately to prod its mother back into an upright position with its two stumpy little tusks barely showing between trunk and lower lip, but the calf too, died in the hail of bullets. Its small tusks had been its death sentence.’

The Plunderers tells of the despair of the Bushmen, ignored by political leaders, and the army they had served for so long. Of the moral cowardice and greed of top politicians and generals who indiscriminately slaughtered game and smuggled contraband to line their own pockets in the name of the ‘war effort’.

But it also tells of the bravery of one game ranger and his small band of Bushmen who had the courage to care.


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