The Natal Main Line Story – Heinie Heydenrych, Bruno Martin


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Format: Big (A4+) Landscape Hardcover with DJ
Published: 1992 (HSRC)
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9780796911513

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The Natal Main Line Story – Heinie Heydenrych, Bruno Martin

The railway age dawned in South Africa in 1860 with the opening of a line about three kilometres long between Durban harbour and the market square of the town. This book gives an account of the origin and construction of this pioneer railway line, the gradual development leading to the completion of the railway link between Durban and Johannesburg in 1895, and the subsequent improvements to the line and its operation up to 1985. Due regard is also paid to the political and economic circumstances which accompanied early railway construction in South Africa.

The primary aim of the book is to document a fascinating part of the railway history of South Africa — but the purpose actually goes beyond this. In order to understand present developments society needs to be reminded from time to time of its historical roots. This is especially true during a period of rapid change such as we are experiencing at the moment. Although the railway history of Natal is merely a part of the large mosaic of South African history, it is nevertheless an essential component without which the whole cannot be fully comprehended. This book should therefore contribute to an understanding of the link between the past and the present.

That the book is based on sound scientific research will be evident from the numerous source references. It should therefore satisfy the demands of academics. At the same time it is written in an informal style and is lavishly illustrated with photographs, maps and diagrams. It should therefore also appeal to the general reading public. The technical detail provided in the final chapter will be of interest to the railway and steam enthusiast.

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