The Enemy – Lee Child


Condition: Very Good
Format: paperback
Published: 2005 (Bantam)
Pages: 557
ISBN: 9780553815856

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The Enemy – Lee Child : A  Jack Reacher Thriller

The year 1990. The Berlin Wall is crumbling. The Cold War is thawing. Soon, America will have no more enemies left. A totally terrifying prospect.

Then a soldier is found dead in a sleazy motel (is there any other kind), and then straight after that a general’s wife also turns up dead. Reacher, being the officer on duty, gets saddled with the investigation.

In this book, you’ll meet a younger Reacher, still in the army, still wearing dogtags. A slightly different Reacher from the drifter-for-out-for-justice you have met in other Lee Child books.




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