South Africa’s Border War – Willem Steenkamp


Condition: Very good
Format: A4 Printer Hardcover
Published: 2016 (Tafelberg)
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780624076902

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South Africa’s Border War – Willem Steenkamp

“The war lasted so long that a father and son could end up wearing the same campaign medal for fghting on the same front, even though it might be for actions taking place 15 years apart.”

A quarter-century after the last shots were fired, many questions remain about South Africa’s longest war. Who really won the Border War? And was it all worth it?

Since Willem Steenkamp’s best-seller was originally published in 1989 shortly after the confict ended-the rifle barrels have cooled, and the smoke and dust of the battlefield settled. During the war a veil of secrecy and denial was drawn over the events, but over the years new facts and information have come to light.

This revised edition of a South African classic puts new facts on the table and corrects misconceptions. It offers an incisive look at a war which irrevocably changed the lives of all South Africans deeply.

“Steenkamp offers a clear account of the conflict, and the complicated interaction of tribal tensions, national squabbles, and communist manipulation.”