South African Military Buildings Photographed – Paul Alberts


Condition: Very good, except for light moisture stain on very last text page and remaining blank pages
Format: A4 Hardcover
Published: 1992 (The Gallery Press)
Pages: 125
ISBN: 09583255022

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South African Military Buildings Photographed – Paul Alberts

A journey through Man’s history is in many ways a journey through the chapters of his wars. It seems as if the act of war has always succeeded in inspiring Man to be highly innovative and creative.

Man’s mythologies and religion show that since time immemorial he has been fascinated by men’s wars, by the weapons and structures, the relics of those wars, albeit castles of great aesthetic beauty or crude constructions serving as walls for defence, by ruins where men have fought bravely against men, where men have died for God, King or country, or because of patriotism, nationalism or any of so many abstract values which somehow justified the act of going to war against one’s fellow man. Considering South Africa’s eventful history, where contact between different cultures was often by way of conflict and war, it is_almost inevitable that we should have a rich military heritage.

The tangible part of this legacy is not only reflected in historical weapons, uniforms and war decorations, but also in battlefields and military architecture. As is so strikingly illustrated in this book, South Africa’s three dimensional military heritage as embodied especially in its buildings, is versatile, often innovative in the technological sense and indeed a source of pride.