Six Years – Harlan Coben


Condition: Very Good
Format: Large Softcover
Published: 2013 (Orion)
Pages: 351
ISBN: 9781409144588

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Six Years – Harlan Coben

Jake Sanders lost the love of his life when she decided to marry another man. For six years he has been crying into his coffee about her, throwing himself into his work to forget his broken heart.

Then he comes across the obituary of the man who stole Natalie away from him, and decides to saunter over to the funeral to catch a glimpse of his lost love again.

But, the woman next to the grave is not Natalie – at least not the Natalie he knew. Whoever this woman is, she has been married to the guy he hated with a passion for more than ten years. So what the blazes really happaned to Natalie then, if she didn’t really marry this guy. Why did she lie to him about it? And where is she now?

And as he begins to try to contact old acquintances from the time he and Natalie were a couple, he strangely finds that he either can’t seem to find these people, or in some cases they don’t seem to even remember Jake. What is going on?