The Seventh Scroll – Wilbur Smith


Condition: Very good – gift inscription on title page
Format: Hardcover with DJ
Published: 1995 (Macmillan)
Pages: 486
ISBN: 9780333583210

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The Seventh Scroll – Wilbur Smith (Hardcover)

Duraid Al Simmu and his wife Royan digs up the fabulous tomb of Queen Lostris, including some scrolls belonging to the wise (wily) scribe Taita (from Smith’s River God).

When Duraid is murdered, Royan flees to England, where she teams up with the eminent and aristocratic (is there any other kind) archeologist Nicholas Quenton-Harper (a good man, eh what). Together they return to the Land of the Nile in search of the crown jewels of a lost Pharoah, hidden somewhere in the mountains, guided by the writings of the ancient scribe Taita.

But danger awaits, and not from some ancient hocus-pocus curse either …


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