Selected Stories – Herman Charles Bosman


Condition: Good. Foxing on text block but content pages clean and neat.
Format: Hardcover with DJ
Published: 1980 (H&R)
Pages: 152
ISBN: 0798110317

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“I sweat, pore, write, re-write, re-type (many times over), curse, burn the midnight oil . .”

Herman Charles Bosman once wrote of his literary activities. In this new selection of short stories by him the reader can reap the reward of all that agonising Some of Bosman’s best-known and best-loved short stories are to be found here, side by side with others that have lain in obscurity for many long years and some that have never been published before. The picture that emerges of Bosman as writer is a fascinating one. We see him working his way through many different forms of the short story: retelling old folk tales, constructing a formal short story, shaping a free-wheeling conversation into a finely balanced piece of fiction.

We see him gathering together all the loose threads he has so carefully left dangling into an almost magic denouement where everything suddenly clicks into place. We become aware of his perpetual fascination with the techniques of storytelling and the potential of language, see him teasing away at a situation, first from this angle, then from that, until we too are coaxed into thinking creatively about what he is doing.

And finally we realise that here is a rare talent at work. Selected Stories is true vintage Bosman.