With Mounted Infantry and the Mashonaland Field Force 1896 – E.A.H. Alderson


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Published: 1971 (Books of Rhodesia)
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With Mounted Infantry and the Mashonaland Field Force 1896 – E.A.H. Alderson
Rhodesiana Reprint Library Volume 20

THE Matabele Rebellion broke out in March, 1896 and initially took the form of murderous attacks on white farmers, miners, prospectors and others living alone in unprotected rural areas. Its coming was quite unexpected by the handful of settlers who were thinly spread over the vastness of Matabeleland, and relative to their numbers the loss of life was high and lamentable.

he principal causes of the Rebellion were the incompleteness of the conquest of the Matabele nation in 1893, and the incapacity of a war-like and aristocratic race to give up their old habits and accept their natural place in the peaceful and industrial organisation of a settled community. These were exacerbated by the overbearing actions of the native police towards their own people, the extraordinary influence of the Mlimo, a drought of abnormal duration and intensity, a plague of locusts and, perhaps the most serious of all in its consequences, the severe losses of their cattle through rinderpest. This terrible disease, previously unknown to the Matabele was in their minds associated with the advent of the white man in their midst.

The action of the Government in shooting healthy cattle to check the spread of the disease considerably aggravated already inflamed feelings. The withdrawal from the country of the main body of white police who became involved in the abortive Jameson Raid of December, 1895 provided the opportunity for which the Matabele had been waiting. 145 Civilian Rhodesians were murdered in Matabeleland, and before peace was restored a total of 364, including men of the forces, were killed and wounded —a high proportion of the white population.