A Most Wanted Man – John le Carrè


Condition: Very good
Format: Paperback
Published: 2008 (Hodder)
Pages: 417
ISBN: 9780340977095

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A Most Wanted Man – John le Carrè

Tommy Brue has the misfortune of inheriting a doomed private British bank based in Hamburg (haven’t we all). While in his office one night (no doubt tearing his hair out), he gets a call from lawyer Annabelle Richter, asking to meet face-to-face.

Her client apparently has a key to one of the Bank’s most exclusive and secure vaults, a valued client no doubt then, but he also seems to have the world’s most powerful intelligence services looking to slap some cuffs on him as soon as they can get their hands on him.

Tommy finds himself drawn into an unlikely alliance with Annabel and the internatonal man of mystery she represents, and for whom she seems willing to risk her life to help.



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