Encounters with the Dragon – John Hone


Condition: Book – good, but slightly moisture affected at top and bottom of pages with worst on the last few pages (see images above). DJ good, with scuffing on the back, a scrape and what appears to be light moisture ruffling on the front.
Format: Coffeetable Hardcover with DJ
Published: 2007 (Art Publishers)
Pages: 278
ISBN: 9781919688671

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Encounters with the Dragon – John Hone

**Heavy Coffeetable sized book**

Bargain price for this rare and prized book, slightly moisture affected.

Scenically, the Drakensberg is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, and no book about our Berg should be released without a good selection of pictures that does justice to this magnificent terrain. And it is here that Encounters with the Dragon scores handsomely, for John is a superb photographer!

I believe that photography at its best is an art form. I like to call it ‘the art of painting with light’, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in landscape photography. Over the years John has mastered the technique of handling light: controlling it, playing with it, selecting the best time of day and ensuring that his pictures are not just record shots, but have aesthetic value — with mood, character, dimension, perspective and, above all, that rare quality: excitement!

One cannot view the photographs in this book without exclaiming, ‘Wow, where did he find that angle or view?’ He found those places because he knows the Berg so well and is passionate about climbing — and photography. None of John’s photographs have been ‘manipulated’ —they are true representations of what he saw. Indeed, some of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen of the Berg are in this book, and I congratulate him on this remarkable work.

– Malcolm L. Pearse (from the foreword)

Worst moisture effect on last few pages, hardly noticeable on earlier pages.