Die Oervlakte – Primordial Plains Little Karoo


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Format: Landscape format softcover
Published: 2011 (Ex Libris Design)
Pages: 76
ISBN: 9780620516471

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Die Oervlakte – Primordial Plains Little Karoo

Die Oervlakte offers the traveller vistas of unsurpassed landscapes which are unique to the Cape Fold mountains and fertile valleys in all their splendour. Visitors have at their fingertips a range of environmental, geological, cultural and historical information. The different routes bring to life the ecology of the area, the ancient structure of the topography, the culture and the intriguing and sometimes tragic history of the people.

The area from Studtis in the Baviaanskloof in the east to just past de Rust in the west; the Swartberg and Baviaanskloof Mountains in the north; the Outeniqua Mountains, Prince Alfred’s Pass and de Vlugt in the south, answers every visitor’s dream.

Standing on the Ancient African Surface, one is immediately aware that the surface is covered in pebbles of different sizes, patterns and colours. On closer inspection many appear to have been formed by eons of wind and water abrasions, some seem to be miniature conglomerates and others just pretty stones, but one is overwhelmed by the geological time of the place. Looking down the valley more hills with their thick duricrust tops can be seen, all capped at the same height — giving a glimpse into the millions of years of erosion, accumulation, sediments, dry periods and wet periods of this enchanted, magical place we call the Little Karoo.