The Constant Princess – Philippa Gregory


Condition: Very Good
Format: Medium softcover
Published: 2006(Harper)
Pages: 490
ISBN: 9780007190317

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The Constant Princess – Philippa Gregory

Katherine of Aragon is betrothed at age 3 to Prince Arthur, the son and rightful heir to Henry VII of England. She is raised to be the future Princess of Wales.

She knows from an early age that it is her destiny (or misfortune) to rule the strange, far-off land of Wales, where she can look forward to wet, cold winters and year-round close harmony singing. She’ll have to learn the language too – if that is at all possible.

As she eventually takes up her place in court, things are difficult to swallow at first, especially the food, but gradually she adapts and Arthur, even though still but a boy at heart, does start to grow on her.

But then, Arthur unexpectedly dies and the first Tudor court is thrown for a loop. Suddenly, Kate finds herself alone in a strange country, among people not her own …