A History of Jerusalem – Karen Armstrong


Condition: Good
Format: Medium Softcover
Published: 2005 (Harper)
Pages: 475
ISBN: 0006383475

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A History of Jerusalem – Karen Armstrong

‘A History of Jerusalem should be read, not only by travelers and potential travelers in Jerusalem, but by all of us.’ Stephen Tummin, Daily Telegraph

Jerusalem has probably cast more of a spell over the human imagination than any other city in the world. Held by believers to contain the site where Abraham offered up Isaac, the place of the crucifixion of Christ and the rock from which the prophet Muhammed ascended to heaven, Jerusalem has been celebrated and revered for centuries by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Such is the symbolic power of this ancient city that its future status poses a major obstacle to a comprehensive regional peace in the Middle East. In this comprehensive and elegantly written work, Karen Armstrong traces the turbulent history of the city from the prehistoric era to the present day.




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